Breakfast is the one meal I look forward to the most, and there’s good reason for it too. Firstly – It’s the first fuel of the day for the body, which means essential proteins for the muscles, carbohydrates for muscle fuel, & energy, and necessary fats for optimal brain function. It also provides plenty of opportunities to mix up some of my favorite foods, and include a higher portion of carbohydrates in my first meal, but more about that later.

Breakfast should be one of the most important ones of your day. After all – it literally means to break the body’s fasting (no food) ┬áduring when you’re asleep and recovery is in full swing.

For most of us aware of a need of a certain amount of proteins, carbs and fats in each meal, breakfast usually consists of oats and eggs, or a protein shake on the side as it’s not too hard to meet these nutritional requirements. I love breakfast as much as the next guy, but even for me, whom I consider to be a pretty hard0-willed dieter, can still get tired of the same meals every morning. Therefore this article is dedicated to my fellow food-loving fitness fans, on how to switch up meals while keeping┬áthe total calories and macro percentages the same.